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Read What Our Customers Say About Us

At Leadership & Talent we're good at what we do - but you don't have to take our word for it. Read what some of our customers have to say about us.

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"We recently commenced a leadership development program for our C-level together with our Global Extended Management Team. We have been working actively with behaviour based leadership and individual profiling. To support this, we have run leadership training modules. Stephen Parker from Leadership & Talent has been our expert consultant throughout this development. Stephen has delivered good, tried and tested material and concepts, facilitated global workshops and carried out one-one coaching sessions both live and using video conferencing. Throughout this, Stephen has had an open, relaxed and accommodating approach, showing adaptability when required. This has enabled Stephen to not only support our managers, but also to challenge them fairly when required. From an HR perspective I am experiencing an enhanced awareness to the benefits of this program, together with an increased self-awareness. I am convinced that over time this will create a higher level of employee engagement and concrete business results."
Simon Barclay, Senior Manager, HR India, Denmark & Global Functions, Baettr

"I met Leadership & Talent during our leadership program. The course took place over approx. one year and included a combination of theory and practical exercises. The course contained important and highly relevant subjects like Authentic Leaders (how to become), Trusting Leaders (how to create the mental comfort zone for employees in that regard), Engaging Leaders (motivation), Situational Leadership and how to become an Impactful Leader. On top of this, our personal profiles were analyzed in depth – good feedback was given, which has been more than useful subsequently. In my career as a leader, at have participated in several leadership development courses, but this was by far the best I have participated in. They managed to create a great atmosphere with enthusiasm and great participation from all participants during our sessions. Subsequently we have seen the effect within our own organization, how leaders have become much better in many aspects. I can highly recommend Stephen Parker as a consultant and facilitator of leadership courses."
Jan Thiim, VP, Accounting, Tax & Compliance, Baettr

"We brought in Leadership & Talent to design, facilitate and consult one of our senior management teams with the purpose of aligning the team’s business strategy and accelerating the team’s collective performance. The process lasted 6 months and involved a group of 12 people. There were 5 one-day action workshops and significant ongoing 1-1 sparring with the team’s VP. Each workshop was preceded by prework – a briefing paper on the topic and decisions to be considered. We chose Leadership & Talent for this consulting assignment due to referrals and satisfaction with previous leadership training which they had carried out. They were extremely professional, met all our expectations and provided a solution which led to strong, lasting business results. I can fully recommend Leadership & Talent in relation to consulting with senior management teams."
Allan Kirkfeldt, Lead HR Business Partner, People, COWI

"As part of our graduate program, we hold a structured training program where the graduates learn on a range of leadership and communication topics. I identified a need for our graduates to have more training on stakeholder management and managing expectations and spent some time looking at potential suppliers. I was interested in suppliers who had specific experience of designing talent / graduate training and was delighted when Leadership & Talent shared a proposal for a 1 day training course. After some meetings discussing my needs in more detail, we had a solid plan to achieve my objectives. They delivered an excellent training day full of thought provoking insights, discussion and group work. The training was well received by the group with very positive feedback all round and I am looking forward to seeing the graduates put their learnings into practice."
Alastair Campbell, HR Manager, Group HR, Danish Crown

"I participated in the talent workshop ‘Managing Expectations’ as part of my leadership development on the Danish Crown Graduate Program for young professionals. I could easily see and feel that Leadership & Talent is made of very talented professionals – extremely good at sensing the room, having their finger on the pulse, adjusting communication and infusing the right amount of energy and humour to keep the group’s engagement and attention high. The workshop worked very well combining theoretical input with using small groups to discuss topics. Individuals can draw on their experiences and put the theory into context which helps them understand better while providing additional value to the workshop. I really liked the professional, yet relaxed, attitude of the instructor combining 3 things: 1) very high-quality content and slides, 2) room for personal interpretation of the topics, and 3) engagement of the attending group. The fact that this final point is not in Leadership & Talent’s control, yet so important, speaks volumes on the professionality, experience and knowledge that they have. I learned how to communicate better with different personalities, how people react under stress and how to accelerate creating trust in the workplace. This gave me new tools to understand my colleagues better and I already see and feel that we form a more attentive, assertive and effective team."
Bator Patonai, Business Graduate, Talent Program, Danish Crown

"Thanks to the excellent leadership communication training provided by Leadership & Talent, we were able to bring digital communications to the next level. In the site-specific online workshops for all our Danish dairies, our site leadership teams received hands-on training on how to effectively use digital communication tools. As a result, we increased the engagement of local content creators and started to utilize Yammer not only as a tool for passing on information but also for the daily interaction between site leadership teams and frontline colleagues. Not only does the Leadership & Talent team have outstanding expertise in the field – they understand people. And therefore, they were able to provide a workshop that was precisely tailored to the needs of the various participants. As a result, we have received very positive feedback from the site directors, and we can see that Yammer usage at these sites is almost 20% higher than others. What they learned is often used and shared as best-practice examples among site directors. It has been great working with Leadership & Talent. I truly appreciate all their help and dedication to improve digital communications in our organisation."
Katharina Graf, Process Owner - Communications, Supply Chain, Arla Foods

"Leadership & Talent facilitated the agency's strategy process in several rounds with top and middle management as participants. During the whole process, I experienced a fine balance between facilitation, qualitative input and steering so we reached alignment on a high-quality product within the agreed timeline."
Jacob B. Andreasen, Chief of Staff, Patient Complaints Agency

"I have had an inspirational, interesting and always valuable collaboration with Stephen Parker during the last 20 years. Tasks have varied greatly - personal coaching of colleagues with various challenges, design of training courses customised to our many cultural institutions, personal test profiling in relation to recruitment, project management programs, facilitation of teamdays and development of temas etc. Participants have also varied significantly as Leadership & Talent's professional sparring ranges widely - directed towards all levels - from highly-educated leaders to manual workers. Stephen has a pleasant, open and trustworthy approach but can also be sharp when requested or required."
Bodil Grønlund, Head of Administration, Concert Hall of Aarhus

"I had a number of one-to-one sessions with Stephen Parker in connection with my transfer from coordinator to department manager. Stephen is super good at guiding and motivating you through the new challenges in a way that you end up solving them yourself. Subsequently, I could utilize the tools which Leadership & Talent gave me so that the transfer from coordinator to department manger was as smooth as possible. I always recommend Stephen and his team."
Leif Pørtner, Manager, Audience & Security, Concert Hall of Aarhus

"I have received individual leadership coaching, where we agreed a set of goals for my development in the coming years with my manager. It was a one-to-one process, but my manager participated occasionally at check-ins as a third party. That was cool as it kept our focus on the goals, ensuring value to my organization and keeping me personally accountable for my actions and effort. A very agile but value-stable approach to leadership development. Our coaching alternated and was often very close to my everyday practice and concrete challenges – my coach made sure of this, so we didn’t just share ideas and ideals. Yet we still maintained alignment with my long-term goals. A very personal, yet professional style. The coach was always very well-prepared. The fine balance between a relaxed and serious conversation was spot on. As a result, I have become better at adapting my concrete leadership behaviour to the actual situation which adds significant value for my employees. I am more aware of my stronger competencies, and some weaker skills, so I am well-equipped to make better decisions and to utilize my leadership style in the best possible way."
Mikkel Lindskov Petersen, Senior Manager, Planning & Staff, Municipality of Hedensted

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