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Our Passion Is Helping Leaders Reach Their Goals and Dreams

Leadership & Talent is driven by Stephen Parker and his network. Customers range from global companies, state organisations and smaller firms - in areas such as production, energy, retail, communications, finance and public management.

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Based in Aarhus-Denmark, we have been delivering high-quality leadership programs for more than 20 years. As trusted partners, we provide role-focused personal and professional leadership development to help customers meet their challenges. Through supporting and truly engaging their colleagues, they improve behaviour and performance. Ultimately, they reach their goals and dreams.

We utilise well-documented methods - face-to-face or online - incl. a standardised role-performance coaching method and proven leadership and talent development tools. Behavioural goals and performance objectives are agreed, supported and tracked.

Assessment/Test Certifications

  • Hogan

  • NEO-PI-3

  • MBTI Steps 1 & 2

  • BtB

  • FIRO-B

  • JTI

  • Belbin

  • CwQ

Resumé for Stephen Parker

  • Director and Founder, Leadership & Talent 2017-

  • Talent Development Lead, Arla Foods 2014-2020

  • Director and Owner, Human House 1999-2014

  • Chartered Business Coach 2010-2017

  • Masters, HR Prof. Dev., Middlesex University 2013-2015

  • World Association of Business Coaches 2006-2017

  • Bachelor, Education, Royal Danish School of Education

  • Bachelor, Sport Studies, University of Sheffield UK

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