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A Coaching Package For Your Leaders And Talents

We are often asked what actually happens during a coaching partnership between a leader and coach. Naturally, we share our experience, methods and expertise as recognised leadership coaches. But what is often missing is a demonstration of the package and practicalities such as number of sessions, length of sessions, participants etc.

So, here's a simple breakdown of a typical coaching package - obviously customised to suit the individual's needs or a larger cohort of leaders and talents:

Typical Coaching Package For Leaders And Talents

  • Goal Setting 3-way alignment meeting with the leader and their manager (½ hour)

  • Session 1 Agreement meeting and planning of topics and targets (1½ hours)

  • Personal Profile Questions, admin, analysis and feedback session 2 (process)

  • Sessions 3 & 4 Role-based coaching sessions on identified topics (1½ hours each)

  • Mid-term Review 3-way meeting with the leader and manager (½ hour)

  • Sessions 5 & 6 Coaching sessions continued with follow ups (1½ hours each)

  • Final Review 3-way evaluation meeting with the leader and manager (½ hour)

  • Session 7 Based on final review, future planning and wrap up (1½ hours)

Benefits: External leadership coaches can play a vital role in supporting leaders and teams as they navigate the complexities of today's business world. By offering trusted advice, facilitating impactful group coaching sessions and providing coach training, external coaches - with the right expertise and experience - empower organisations to overcome challenges and achieve long-term success. Just drop us a line if you wish to hear more.

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