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Meaningful Conversations

Meaningful Conversations - one of 4 short courses in personal communication.

Hi there, here’s a quick update on some new courses which we are launching as an alternative to our full leadership programs. We hope you find them interesting.

This FIRM BLUE course trains the skills required to hold meaningful and sometimes difficult talks. It focuses on touchpoints, structure, preparation, relations, process and how best to lead conversations.

These courses are typically for first-line leaders and specialists wanting to add to their functional skills. They are ready to be customised to suit your organisation. We provide intensive training with feedback at the courses which often have a 2+1 day duration.

Please contact us for more information.

At Leadership & Talent, we thrive on helping leaders and talents reach their goals and dreams. Ultimately, when done well, this leads to higher employee engagement and more well-being. It’s really quite simple. If we fully engage all our colleagues, they will perform well and stay with us. And the best talents will join.



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