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External leadership coaches provide invaluable support and guidance to leaders and their teams. We offer expert leadership coaches to individual leaders, groups and training of your leaders so they can become better coaches themselves.


We coach managers, talents and teams - in stand alone packages or larger coaching programs.

Some are new in their roles. Some are preparing for a change of job. Others are experiencing motivation difficulties, unclear direction or challenging demands.

Typical coaching topics: Strategic challenges, leadership communication, workforce planning, role and time management, peer and employee decisions, organisational development, work-life balance, career and delivery, people management, difficult conversations, motivation and retention, business culture.

Agreements: We like to keep it simple, for example
– an individual receives 6 sessions of 1½ hours over a period of 6 months, or
– a monthly day with 4-6 people, each with a 1½-hour session that day.

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