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Organisation Development & Change

When doing organisation development, we always start our consulting process with diagnosis to understand how the organisation is currently functioning. This provides the necessary insights to suggest changes and related interventions.

Our approach sits heavily on the shoulders of OD experts Thomas Cummings and Christopher Worley where the art of diagnosing organisations takes center stage in a must-have manual "Organization Development & Change".

Some key takeaways are:

Insight 1: Systematic diagnosis is key

Cummings & Worley advocate for a systematic diagnosis approach. It's not just about identifying symptoms but delving deep into the root causes of organisational challenges. Leaders, armed with a comprehensive understanding, can make informed decisions to foster sustainable change.

What you should do: Implement robust diagnostic tools and methodologies to assess your organisation's health. Ensure a holistic examination, involving all facets from structure to culture, to unearth underlying issues.

Insight 2: Recognising the interconnectedness

Organisations are intricate ecosystems where every element is interconnected. Cummings & Worley emphasize the importance of recognizing the interdependence of various organisational components. Changes in one area can affect the entire system.

What you should do: Consider the ripple effects of changes. Ensure that adjustments in one department or process align with the overall strategic objectives and do not inadvertently disrupt other crucial elements.

Insight 3: Inclusive stakeholder involvement

Successful diagnosis requires the collective intelligence of your organisation. Cummings & Worley advocate involving stakeholders at every level. From frontline employees to C-suite executives, each perspective provides valuable insights that contribute to a comprehensive diagnosis.

What you should do: Foster a culture of open communication. Create forums for feedback and involve employees in the diagnostic process. Their on-the-ground experiences can uncover issues that might be overlooked from a higher vantage point.

As you navigate the organisational landscape, let these 3 insights guide you toward a future of resilience and success.



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